Ponencias orales auditorio:

Auditorio- Martes 21 Mayo

-Lindhe, Andreas- Dynamic water balance modelling for risk assessment and decission support on MAR potential in Botswana-

– Anis Chekirbane- Tunisian experience in managed aquifer recharge by hill dam water release: case of some groundwater flow systems in North of Tunisia-

– Bob Bower- Integrated Water Management Utilising the tools of Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR): Developing a Catchment-Scale Groundwater Replenishment System for the Hekeao/Hinds Plains, Canterbury, New Zealand-

– McGibbon, David- Emergency response to drought – the City of Cape Town’s groundwater abstraction and MAR scheme (South Africa)-

– Tuthill, David R- Implementing Incentivized Managed Aquifer Recharge on a Basin Scale-

– Kalbus, Edda- Strategic Water Storage and Recovery with Desalinated Seawater in Liwa, UAE-

– Greg Woodside- Integration of Stormwater Capture at Flood Management Reservoir with Managed Aquifer Recharge, Orange County, California-

– Harrie Timmer- Seeking Simplicity, Reliability and Sustainability in Drinking Water Purification for Future: the River Bank Filtration Based One Step Reverse Osmosis Process: from Concept to Practice-

– Karapanos, Ilias- Artificial recharge mechanisms via a leaky river bed – a case study in the outskirts of London, UK-

– Karen Villholth- Groundwater-based natural infrastructure: a critical piece in supporting water security and resilience-

– Lukas Rolf- Implementing an energy-neutral Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) system in a complex geological context in Lebanon-

– Towers, Luke- The Atlantis Water Resource Management Scheme – resource management is people management. –

– Cruz A. Mary-Belle- Use of Managed Aquifer Recharge to improve Water Management in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions of Mexico-

– P.K. Singh- Managing Aquifer Recharge at Local Level in India: Developing a Framework for Village Groundwater Co-operatives-

– P. Soni- Managed Aquifer Recharge at a Farm Level: Evaluating the Performance of Direct Well Recharge Structures-

– Navarro Venegas, Roberto & Massa, Francisco- The MAR system in Ica, Peru. Technical and social lessons learned from a Mega-scale MAR system and improvement possibilities-

– Steven Wallander- Postdoctoral Research Associate at University of Arkansas, Associate Professor at University of Arkansas and Economist at USDA Economic Research Service-

– Kissane, Stephen- Managed Aquifer Recharge and Aquifer Storage and Recovery in Kabul, Afghanistan-

– Grischek, Thomas- Riverbank filtration with siphon wells – breathing new life into an old idea-

– Hartog;van Nieuwkerk- Scaling-up river water-fed Managed Aquifer Recharge in the deeply anoxic Makauri Aquifer, Gisborne (New Zealand)-

Auditorio- Miercoles 22 Mayo

– Weisbrod, Alex- Geo-electrical monitoring of soil aquifer treatment-

-Weisbrod, Alex- On the mechanisms affecting and controlling SAT operation-

-Mukhopadhyay, Amitabha- Numerical modeling of pumping test data at an artificial recharge site in Kuwait-

-Kacimov, Anvar- Dipolic MAR “Bubble” Inside Confined Brine Formation or Floating “Lens” on Top of Unconfined Saline Aquifer-

– Guo Chunyan- Using environmental isotope and major ions to characterize recharge and mixing properties in the aquifer system along Fen River in Taiyuan basin, northern China-

– Houlbrooke, Clare- Initial Results from Managed Aquifer Recharge Trials in the Hekeao/Hinds Plains, Canterbury, New Zealand-

– Pyne, R. David- Conjunctive Use of Aquifer Storage Recovery Wells and Desalination to Mitigate Salt Water Intrusion and Achieve Water Supply Reliability-

– Bartlett, R. Douglas- Comprehensive Guidelines for Managed Aquifer Recharge to Be Published by ASCE/EWRI-

Fernández Escalante, Enrique- Ancient techniques of Managed Aquifer Recharge: Spanish Careos and Peruvian Amunas as an Adaptive Complex System. Breakdown, pathology and comparative analysis-

-Musche,Fabian-Flood-protection of riverbank filtration wells-

-De Filippis, Giovanna- Design and operation of the MAR infiltration scheme in Suvereto (Italy)-

-Sallwey, Jana- MAR assessment through physical models: comparison of laboratory and field experiments-

-Brindha, K- Influence of aquifer recharge structures and surface water bodies on geogenic fluoride contamination-

-Li Ya-song- Study on the groundwater recharge based on South to North Water Diversion Project in Hutuo River Alluvial Plain, North China-

-Pascual, Mª Dolores- The Water in Spain-

-Imaz Lamadrid, Miguel A- Managed Aquifer Recharge Plan based on a surface water- groundwater model for the Santo Domingo creek, Baja California Sur, Mexico-

-Stuyfzand, Pieter J- Environmental impact and mitigation of intake interruptions for Basin Aquifer Transfer Recovery systems-

-Rossetto, Rudy- ECT solutions from monitoring and operation-

-Roehl, Karl, on behalf of-Ortega, R; Fernández, E; Sapiano, M; Lobo, J P.; Guttman, Y; Schütz, C*.; Weffer-Roelh, A.; San Sebastián, J.; Kallioras, A. & Dietrich, P- Managed Aquifer Recharge Solutions (MARSOL). Final statements VIDEO-

Auditorio- Jueves 23 Mayo

Benton, Andrés- Recharge of aquifers through wells in urban areas of Mexico City-

– Page, Declan- Managed aquifer recharge as a strategic storage and urban water management tool in the Darwin rural area, Northern Territory, Australia-

– Kruisdijk, Emiel- Push-Pull test – Reactive transport modelling: A new approach to study water quality changes-

– Prieto Leache, Ignacio- SUDS and resilience to climate change-

– Masse-Dufresne Janie- Anticipating pathways and timing for cyanobacteria 12 breakthrough at a 2-lake bank filtration site via environmental tracers-

– Drewes, Jörg- Next generation Managed Aquifer Recharge Systems for Enhanced Trace Organic Chemical and Pathogen Removal-

– Zuurbier, Koen- Preventing pluvial flooding and water shortages on various scales by integrating aquifer storage and recovery in urban áreas-

– Jones-Sánchez, Mark- Riverbank filtration in a narrow river valley of the Barranca River, Costa Rica-

– Rodríguez-Escales, Paula- Modeling the influence of temperature in the infiltration rates and redox reactions of an infiltration pond located in the Llobregat River Basin-

– Dillon, Peter- Principles for rainwater management in a multisponge city using soil, unconfined- and confined aquifers-

– Rafiq, Muhammad- Key hydrogeochemical processes (im)mobilizing trace metals (arsenic, iron, manganese) in MAR for drinking water provision in Bangladesh-

– S.K. Sharma- The role of organic matter in the release of iron and manganese during bank filtration-

– Kissane, Stephen- Groundwater and Water Bourne disease in Kabul Matti, Boris; Klein, Hugh; Tookhi, Mohammad Naim-

– Price, Victoria- Investigating a Strategic Aquifer Storage and Recovery Scheme in the Sherwood Sandstone to Improve Resilience-

– Jadeja Y. J- Participatory Aquifer Management an Alternative Approach to Sustain Urban Water Supply – a case study of Bhuj City – Gujarat, India-

Ponencias orales Sala 2:

-Sala 2-Martes 21

-Miguel Angel González Nuñez- Correlation of the infiltration velocity with the hydraulic load of operation of the treated wastewater infiltration basin-

-Miguel Angel González Nuñez-Manejo de la recarga de acuíferos: Un enfoque hacia Latinoamerica-

-Rania Abd-El-Baky- Groundwater Hydraulics – Computing Groundwater Into/Out Flow for Lakes. (Study Case Lake Qarun, Egypt)-

-Sala 2-Miercoles 22

-Troeger, Uwe- Flash floods – possibilities of artifical recharge, example Egypt-

-Alam, Mohammad Faiz-Underground Taming of Floods for Irrigation (UTFI): Global to field scale assessments-

-Kalwa, Fritz-Biological and Physical Clogging in Infiltration Wells – The Effect of Well Diameter and Gravel Pack-

-Keller, Jason- Alluvial Aquifer Filtration as a Pretreatment Option for ASR-

-Zhang Hexuan-Laboratory Research on the Laws of Fe(III) Clogging during Urban Stormwater Groundwater Recharge-

-Barquero; Felix-Laboratory experiments for the assessment of the impact of solar irradiance on clogging of MAR basins-

-Shechter Tamir-The Effect of Soil Tillage Equipment on Recharge Capacity of Infiltration Ponds-

-Sala 2-Jueves 23

-Dahlqvist, Peter, Karin, Lindhe-MAR on the Island of Gotland, Sweden – exploring the potential and feasibility in comparison to alternative meassures-

-Hasan, Mohammad Imran-Assessment of aquifer storage and recovery efficiency in coastal aquifers-

-Kurtzman Daniel-Monitoring and modeling MAR of desalinated seawater to a Mediterranean fresh-water aquifer, from ground-surface to wells’ perforations-

-Jylhä-Ollila, Maija-Seasonal Variations in Water Quality and NOM Removal in Natural Bank Infiltration of Boreal Lake Water-

-Reeve, Peter- Emerging organic contaminants in managed aquifer recharge: investigating their removal to ensure a sustained, safe, high quality water resource-

-Pontoreau Coralie-Deciphering the long-term evolution of groundwater mixings at a multi-aquifer river bank filtration site-

-Burke, Victoria-Coupling bank filtration to pond infiltration – a useful option in terms of quality improvement?-

-Modrzyński, Jakub-Combined removal of organic micropollutants and ammonium in a column study with reactive barriers simulating MAR-

-Donn, Mike-E. coli attenuation during infiltration of treated wastewater-

-Eisfeld, Carina-Fate of plant pathogenic bacteria in drainage water during managed aquifer recharge for agricultural irrigation-

-Ma, Yunjie-Antibiotic Degradation during Riverbank Infiltration of Reclaimed Water at Beiyun River in the North China Plain-

-Zsuzsanna Nagy-Kovács-Water quality changes during river bank filtration at Budapest, Hungary-


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