Reconocimientos ISMAR 10

Certificates of appreciation

Los certificados por el intenso trabajo y apoyo a la comunidad científica en materia de recarga gestionada del último trienio han sido para:

2019  Citations:

Catalin Stefan and IGRAC

Catalin led the MAR Global Inventory working group liaising with IGRAC to procuce the most widely read paper in MAR (SWARM) and update the MAR Portal.

Adriana Palma Nava

Adriana initiated and led ISMAR9 Mexico City and co-edited one of two special issue journals (SWARM) arising from this symposium.

Yan Zheng

Yan leads the working group on Sustainable MAR – including workshops in Beijing in 2015 and 2018, at ISMAR9, and fostering the Chinese MAR network.

Andrew Ross

Andrew leads the working group on Economics of MAR producing a quantitative paper and developed standardised approaches.

Doug Bartlett

Doug led ISMAR6 and several BSMARs for AHS contributed to ISMAR9, and over many years led the production of the new ASCE/EWRI  MAR Standards.


Mejor póster ISMAR 10

Tras un empate a votos, se optó por reconocer como mejor poster del ISMAR 10 a las dos autoras siguientes:

Poster 150.   Marie Pettenatti et al. (France…)

Combined natural and engineered systems (cNES) for Managed aquifer recharge (MAR) & soil aquifer treatment (SAT) system with water storage and quality improvement.

Poster 63.   Piya Mohasin and Ray Sujata (India)

Assessment of a Novel Aquifer Recharge Technology: A Case Study in Nanoor, West Bengal, India


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