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The Commission on Managing Aquifer Recharge of the International Association of hydrogeologists (IAH) has awarded Tragsa Group with the honor of organizing the 10th International Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge (ISMAR10) in Madrid (Spain). Every three years the Symposium attracts around three hundred participants, who come to upgrade their knowledge and share their research outcomes on the latest developments in worldwide managed aquifer recharge and groundwater, a fundamental resource for human development.

The participation of scientists and experts from all over the world, together with key-note presentations by leading international scientists, guarantee the high level of the event and provide a unique opportunity for networking and upgrading scientific and technological awareness. The event will also offer the opportunity to activate synergies between the worlds of research, business, Academia, non-governmental organizations and government monitoring and control, and aims to facilitate the finding of solutions to the growing and varied challenges related to the protection and management of water resources and climate change adaptation mechanisms.

The Organizing Committee promotes the event not only for the short- and medium-term results, but also in the long term.

It will thus also be possible to organize round tables and debates on specific topics of interest in the program, including any proposed by involved bodies.

ISMAR 10 will provide a unique showcase for the groundwater industry, and the Organizing Committee therefore invites the involvement of contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, and engineering and consulting companies in terms of financial and organizational support, in a manner to be agreed upon and which will be directed towards identifying the best strategy for fruitful collaboration.

There are numerous opportunities to raise your company’s profile and build brand awareness. From conference lanyards to events, we offer and thank many sponsorship opportunities that will enhance your corporate profile before, during and after the event.


The ISMAR10 will provide sponsors with unique opportunities, including:

  • Publicity at a premier Symposium devoted to the groundwater industry (The highlighted presence of their name and logo in all Conference-related information.)
  • the opportunity to deliver a clear message to the groundwater industry
  • high visibility on the official Symposium website, program and Symposium marketing materials
  • a platform for networking and doing business with key decision makers
  • the opportunity to increase your brand recognition locally and internationally
  • establishes and strengthens collaboration links between the organizers and the sponsors for future activities of reciprocal interest.
  • reduces registration fees, allowing broader participation.
  • promotion to more than 1000 email subscribers.
  • Etc (see below).

More details: info@ismar10.net

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