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All those papers accepted by ISMAR 10 Scientific Committee submitted (voluntarily) by their authors, and a summary with a 30% of the content for those 18 papers selected for MDPI ISMAR 10 monographic Water Journal (waiving APCs), will be mounted in a final ISMAR 10 proceedings book, co-edited by ISMAR 10 co-organizers just after the Symposium.

The 18 papers selected for the Journal would publish an extended abstract in the proceedings book (maximum 30% of the total paper), with a reference to the open access site. Authors in the Journal who submitted their papers directly are also invited to include a summary with maximum extension of 30% of their papers in ISMAR 10 proceedings book.

The Editors will be: Instituto Geológico y Minero de España (IGME) and Tragsa. The title selected for the proceedings book is: Managed Aquifer Recharge: Local solutions to the global water crisis.

A digital version of the ISMAR 10 proceedings book will be released by 2019 December (at the latest) freely. Punctual information will be provided in due time.

In the meantime, please, find enclosed the link to access the last ISMAR 7 proceedings book, edited by DINA-MAR with the permission of the organizers.

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