Special mentions receive the fathers of the hydrogeology in Spain:

  • Dr. Ramón Llamas, Madrid Complutense University / Marcelino Botín Foundation, Madrid.
  • Dr. Emilio Custodio, Cataluña Polytechnic University, Barcelona.
  • Dr. Rafael Fernández, Granada University / Madrid Polytechnic University.

And the awarded scientists and technicians for their work promoting MAR worldwide in the last ISMAR 9 edition:

2016 Citation
Mario Lluria (USA) Over 50 years Mario has actively contributed to MAR innovation and development in Spain, USA and Latin America, including managing the pioneering Salt River Project and City of Scottsdale Water Campus Project. He has trained and mentored colleagues and assisted in ISMAR and BSMAR symposia over many years.
Paul Pavelic (Laos) Paul Pavelic has for 25 years been a source of innovation in MAR research on groundwater processes, including clogging, mixing, and water quality improvement. He is devoted to capacity building and to accelerating the wise application of MAR in South East Asia, including flood harvesting, as an integral part of water resources management.
Weiping Wang (China) Weiping founded, and has sustained, the first active national MAR Network (in China). His skills as a network convener have helped unify many institutions that now collaborate on items of agreed importance. He was the main driver for ISMAR8 in Beijing and he co-edited two thematic issues of journals arising from ISMAR8.
Albert Tuinhof (The Netherlands) Albert has synthesized many years of hydrogeological experience through the 3R concept (Recharge, Retention and Reuse), to buffer water supplies. He has championed this world-wide primarily to the benefit of developing countries in Africa and Asia. Albert has worked with UNESCO and IAH in leading many international training workshops.
Gabriel Pérez de los Cobos (Switzerland) Gabriel has led the application of MAR in Switzerland and demonstrated the value of MAR to solve water reliability and quality problems caused by a warming climate in the Swiss Alps and to meet local water supplies and international obligations. He has published a book on this topic and has contributed to many ISMAR symposia.
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