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There is an agreement with MDPI Water Journal (Citation index 2.5) to release an ISMAR 10 Monographic Number, where 18 papers will be selected from the Symposium for extension and review for open access publication in this special issue waiving Author Proccesing Charges (APCs).  Those 18 papers should firstly have been accepted by ISMAR 10 Scientific Committee. Others may also submit for publication in the same special issue with possibly reduced APC charges. If your paper will be valuable for your colleagues but is not suited to a journal, your paper will be most welcome and will find a home at ISMAR 10 proceedings book.

The agreement entails a 30% of the total content of the 18 selected articles (at least one author must have been an ISMAR 10 attendant) may be included in the final ISMAR 10 proceedings book, to be edited by Tragsa after the symposium. The proceedings book will gather a normal length (6-9 pages) of all papers, except those included in the journal, where only 2-3p summaries will be included. Authors not waiving APCs will be allowed to include their summary in ISMAR 10 proceedings book in case they desire so.

The tittle selected for this special issue is:

Managed Aquifer Recharge for Water Resilience.


Organizers are in close contact with MDPI Water Journal, open access, for the final implementation.

The whole MAR community is invited to participate, not only ISMAR 10 attendants.


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