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The IAH through its Commission on Managing Aquifer Recharge, the ASCE/EWRI through its Standards Committee for MAR and UNESCO through its IHP, cordially, invite all interested in Managed Aquifer Recharge to attend ISMAR10 in Madrid.

The advances in scientific knowledge in aquifer processes, including clogging and water treatment, innovation in operational practices, and variety in design of projects and governance arrangements have grown enormously over the last three years, in addition to the global number and capacity of projects.

ISMAR10 is a special occasion to share this new knowledge in a country which is facing water deficits and water supply unbalance and quality issues, and is actively embarking on MAR as one of its strategies to meet its future demands for secure supplies of clean water. This will be a brilliant opportunity to learn about the Spanish experience and from developing and developed countries around. MAR is consolidating the first row activities to face up climate change adverse impacts.

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Final ISMAR 10 program ready:

Technical and poster sessions

The initial sessions have been exposed before and will have oral presentations, flash and a poster exhibition.

Eventually they will be modified, according to changes in the state-of-the-art along the preparatory period.


IAH MAR Commission Plenary

The 2019 IAH MAR Commission plenary will take place on 2019 May 22th, coordinated by the IAH MAR Commission co-chairs.

In this event will be celebrated a special session for those members who have assisted to the ten ISMARs (eventually named ISAR, TISAR…) held until the date (ten-ismarers), with a special mention for, at least, one of them, who will be retired just after ISMAR10 edition.

A very special certificate of appreciation will be given honoring all of them.

A special “aquifer” will be also delivered to ISMAR11 organizers, for them to take care of “groundwater”, to be trespassed to ISMAR 12 organizers, and so on.

The best Poster Award, selected from the Scientific Committee members, will be announced.

The plenary program will be released in due time (in development). Clic for ISMAR 9 plenary minutes:


Different round tables will be organized for attendants interested in specific topics and IAH MAR working groups.

Most of them will take place late in the evening, in order to avoid overlapping with cultural or social events.

Please, contact organizers in case you wish to chair a round-table


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