This publication has been edited by some Tragsa Group technicians with the aim of briefly presenting the state of the art related to the managed recharge of aquifers in Spain, the implementation expectations, the role performed by Tragsa Group in the implementation of the different MAR facilities announced in the different Basin Management Plans, up to the third planning stage.

The analysis of the legislation related to future actions has been carried out and presented in detail.

The book also brings together the results of three R&D MAR-related projects: DINA-MAR, MARSOL and MARSOLut; the first of a national nature financed by SEPI-Tragsa Group and the others belonging to European FP7 and H2020 calls, respectively.

Tragsa Group is grateful for the intervention and help of the Administrations who are supporting this technique and are highly receptive to its progressive implementation.

At the end of the publication it is to be underlined that managed aquifer recharge or the artificial recharge of aquifers is not a simple water management technique to be integrated in conjunctive schemes, it is very much more…

TRAGSA, Madrid (Spain), 2021, June

Digital book access (in Spanish language)

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