The 10th International Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge (ISMAR 10) held in Madrid, La N@ve between 20 and 24 May 2019 has just finished.

Figures: 320 accredited registrants, 22 technical sessions, 123 oral presentations, 98 posters, 4 round tables, 3 keynote presentations, side events, six courses, two workshops, three technical field trips, and a lot of knowledge recharged (most of it will be available to the entire scientific and technical community soon).

– Enrolled about 50 students and high presence of young people with hydrogeological and engineering experience, a lot of proactivity. Latent concern to continue working so that traditional water management schemes increasingly incorporate special or alternative techniques (MAR). Tranquility among the participants (there is a lot of youth well prepared to grab the torch…)

– The MAR technique, as seen throughout 22 sessions, is strengthened as an ideal technique for frontal combat against the adverse effects of climate change, as an adaptation mechanism: “recharged aquifers, a solution for the future” and to solve many local water management problems.

– The Public Administration participates in tables in which the suitability of the MAR technique as a management system is discussed and demonstrated, with excellent international cases of success.

– There is an urgent need for a legal basis adapted to the current circumstances of climate change and abundance of emerging pollutants, so that MAR technique may develop its full potential on a favourable legal background.

– The European Commission is favouring the MAR technique, always within an conjunctive and integrated system.

– The catalogue of possibilities and the diversity of uses of the MAR technique, its self-adaptability, transparency and resilience make it a solid alternative for environmental sustainability, circular economy and open lines of IDi.

– The slogan of the congress “MAR to solve the global water crisis” was consciously chosen (voted among several options during ISMAR 9); and ISMAR 10 has endorsed its solidity and demonstrated that it was opportune.

Many congratulations and very few complaints have been received at the end of the congress. Among all of them, we highlight the written phrase sent by a technician who has participated for his first time in an ISMAR, referring to the general atmosphere: “The affection and faith in MAR is noticeable and contagious”.

Our thanks to all the assistants, collaborators and sponsors, especially to Suez (Platinum sponsor).

Very soon, much more…


Field trip 1.

Field trip 2

Field trip 3


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