The fastest and cheapest method to go to the different ISMAR 10 sites is using Madrid´s Metro, safe and sound. Get ready to use it.

Enclosed the Metro map and the sites for the different ISMAR activities

UNESCO book preparatory meeting: Tragsa Headquarters. See map. Sunday May 19th.

IGME Headquarters: First day short courses and workshops. Ice breaking party : 19 :30 h: Monday May 20th

ISMAR 10 venue site. La N@ve: Tuesday 21th to 23th

Gala Dinner. Hotel Miguel Ángel. Wednesday 22th 20 :30 h

Field trips: Exit from IGME headquarters door. Friday May 24th. Field trip 2: 08 :30 h ; Field trip 1: 08 :45 h and field trip 3: 09 :00 h.



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