During ISMAR 9 Symposium, attendants voted among several options to choose the ISMAR 10 slogan. The winner´s proposal is explained now:

MAR to solve the global water crisis

MAR is part of the palette of solutions to water shortage, water security, water quality decline, falling water tables and endangered groundwater dependent ecosystems.

Often it is the most economic, most benign, most resilient and most socially acceptable solution, but has not been considered out of lack of awareness, inadequate knowledge of aquifers, immature perception of risk and inadequate policies for integrated water management, including linking MAR with demand management.

MAR can achieve much towards solving the myriad of local water problems that collectively have been termed “the global water crisis”, if it is included among the options evaluated locally.

ISMAR10 strives to make transparent the effectiveness, benefits, constraints, limitations and applicability of MAR, together with its supporting scientific advances, to a wide variety of situations that have global relevance.  No groundwater manager or consultant is complete without a comprehensive knowledge of MAR, and the fastest way to get up to date with international knowledge and connections is to attend ISMAR10.

This premium international symposium dedicated to MAR comes along only once in three years. Spain has been a hotbed of innovation and application in this field, with the fastest national rate of growth in MAR, so Madrid is the perfect destination for water problem solvers from around the world. You are warmly invited and will be truly welcome and vocationally recharged at ISMAR10.

Peter Dillon, Weiping Wang and Enrique Fernández-Escalante (Co-chairs of IAH Commission on Managing Aquifer Recharge)

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